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Scutellaria salvia H. Lév., 1914 (Scutellaria discolor var. discolor) REF

Scutellaria salviifolia Cream and yellow flowers on procumbent stems, 10 cm high by 28 cm wide on arching stems resembling the growth habit of a miniature Cotoneaster. Wrinkled, hairy oval leaf with sage green color (zone 6).  Turkey.  A very choice plant for mostly sunny to full sun locations.  It should be grown in very well drained soil to survive the winters.  A very nice plant next to blue or pink colored rock garden plants.  Usually blooms twice a season with the largest bloom burst late in the season.

Scutellaria sanhedrinsis A. Heller, 1904 (Scutellaria antirrhinoides var. sanhedrinsis) REF
Scutellaria sapphirina (also see Scutellaria nana var. sapphirina) REF

Scutellaria sarmentosa Epling, 1936 REF Large upward flaring purple flowers about 35 mm long on 2 to 3 cm racemes, a shrub up to 4 meters tall with slender branches covered with yellow tinted hairs, internodes at 3 to 6 cm.  Leaves ovate, 20 to 30 mm long by 12 to 18 mm wide, blunt tip and narrowed base,  upper surface mostly glabrous and underside furry haired with prominent veins, petioles 5 to 8 mm long.  Hairs on this species are actually branched creating a fluffy furry effect and may be the only species with branched hairs.  Ecuador.

Scutellaria saxatilis Riddell, 1836 REF Violet and white flowers 14 to 19 mm long on 5 to 15 cm racemes, 21 to 51 cm tall, blooms June-August.  Weak stemmed plant which usually lies down rather than standing erect, spreading by thread shaped runners.  The stem is nearly smooth but there are glands in the inflorescence and in the lower parts.  The leaf blades (up to 5 cm long) tend to be triangular (those near the base ovate and indented) and scalloped toothed, often sparsely hairy on slender petioles.  Calyx downy pubescent.   Seeds warm brown, papillae textured.  Found along rocky woods, talus slopes and bluffs.  Delaware to Indiana and southward to South Carolina and Tennessee.  Also see S. arguta.

Scutellaria saxatilis var. arguta (Buckley) Penland, 1924 (Scutellaria arguta) REF
Scutellaria saxatilis var. pilosior Benth. REF
Scutellaria saxatilis var. saxatilis REF

Scutellaria scandens Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don, 1825 (Scutellaria angulosa, Scutellaria celtidifolia) REF White to cream flowers 20 to 25 mm long with purple pink hooded upper lip and broad flaring lower lip rising vertically from stem axils, 100 cm tall, blooms March-May at 1200-2400 meters elevation.  Weakly rounded ovate to lanceolate serrate edged glabrous leaves and sparsely hairy square shaped stems.  Flowering stems are glandular and up to 10 cm tall.  Leaves with purple tints underneath on short petioles.  Kashmir to eastern Nepal.

Scutellaria scarlatina Planch., Linden ex Lem., 1855 (Scutellaria incarnata) REF

Scutellaria schachristanica Juz. REF Huge rose pink to lilac blue flowers, tiny tight hairy cushioned foliage.  Urgut Hills, SE Uzbekistan - 2200m elevation, vertical granitic rocks.  Also found on Penjikent Hills, SE Uzbekistan - 2100m, vertical basaltic rocks.

Scutellaria schmidtii Kudô, 1921(Scutellaria strigillosa) REF
Scutellaria schugnanica B. Fedtsch. REF
Scutellaria schweinfurthii Briq. REF
Scutellaria schweinfurthii ssp. paucifolia (Baker) Paton REF
Scutellaria sciaphila S. Moore, 1875 REF

Scutellaria scordifolia Fisch. ex Schrank, 1822 IM-REF Purple tubular hooded flowers, each with a white streaked lip appearing on racemes, 15 cm or taller with a spread of at least 15 cm, blooms summer to early fall.  Mat and rhizome forming perennial, fully hardy zone 6-8, mostly sunny location with excellent drainage.  Propagates easily by division in the spring.  Bears narrowly oval, wrinkled leaves.

Scutellaria scordifolia fo. ammophila Kitag., 1939 (Scutellaria scordifolia var. ammophila) REF
Scutellaria scordifolia var. ammophila (Kitag.) C.Y. Wu & W.T. Wang, 1977 (Scutellaria scordifolia fo. ammophila) REF
Scutellaria scordifolia fo. glabrescens Franch., 1883 (Scutellaria scordifolia var. scordifolia) REF
Scutellaria scordifolia var. hirta F. Schmidt (Scutellaria strigillosa) REF
Scutellaria scordifolia var. puberula Regel ex Kom., 1907 REF
Scutellaria scordifolia fo. pubescens Diels ex Rehder & Kobuski, 1933 REF
Scutellaria scordifolia var. scordifolia(Scutellaria galericulata var. scordifolia, Scutellaria scordifolia fo. glabrescens, Scutellaria scordifolia var. subglabra) REF

Scutellaria scordifolia  'Seoul sapphire' Blue flowers, 18 cm tall, summer blooming, requires good drainage and prefers mostly dry soil during fall/winter dormant periods, zone 4 to 6.  Forms long spreading knobby rhizomes about 6 mm diameter.   Lanceolate leaves around 7 cm long.

Scutellaria scordifolia var. subglabra Kom. (Scutellaria scordifolia var. scordifolia) REF
Scutellaria scordifolia var. villosissima C.Y. Wu & W.T. Wang, 1977 REF
Scutellaria scordifolia var. wulingshanensis (Nakai & Kitag.) C.Y. Wu & W.T. Wang, 1977 (Scutellaria wulingshanensis) REF
Scutellaria scutellarioides (Kunth) Harley, 1983 (Scutellaria perilomia) REF
Scutellaria sedelmeyerae Juz. (Scutellaria orientalis ssp. sedelmeyerae) REF

Scutellaria seleriana Loes., 1899 REF Pink tinted violet flowers 14 to 20 mm long, 30 to 50 cm tall on intricately branched stems covered with hairs.  Leaves ovate or slightly rhomboid with great size variation with rounded tips and cuneate at the base, 5 to 40 mm long on petioles less than 12 mm.  Hairs on leaf surfaces same as the stems with shallowly crenate margins.  Seed pods tinted purple.  Mexico, Vera Cruz and Guatemala.

Scutellaria serrata Andrews, 1808 REF Blue flowers 23 to 26 mm, 25 to 60 cm tall with slender growth habit of one or two stems arising from a short rhizome, blooms May-June.   Glabrous plant with smooth ovate leaves with toothed (serrate saw toothed blunt teeth with scalloped effect) edges.  The leaf is 60 to 80 mm long by 40 to 50 mm wide, petioles 25 mm long.  Flowers in racemes 8 to 10 cm long.  Seeds brown, covered with laminate processes.  Likes rich woods and bluffs.  New York to West Virginia and southward to South Carolina, Alabama and Missouri.  Also see S. montana.

Scutellaria serrata var. montana (Chapm.) Penland, 1924 (Scutellaria montana) REF
Scutellaria serrata var. serrata REF
Scutellaria sessilifolia Hemsl., 1890 (Scutellaria sessilifolia fo. ramiflora, Scutellaria sessilifolia fo. terminalis) REF
Scutellaria sessilifolia var. delavayi (H. Lév.) Doan, 1936 (Scutellaria delavayi) REF
Scutellaria sessilifolia fo. ramiflora C. Y. Wu & S. Chow, 1977 (Scutellaria sessilifolia) REF
Scutellaria sessilifolia fo. sessilifolia REF
Scutellaria sessilifolia fo. terminalis C. Y. Wu & S. Chow, 1977 (Scutellaria sessilifolia) REF
Scutellaria sevanensis Sosn. ex Grossh. (Scutellaria orientalis ssp. sevanensis) REF Pale yellow flowers.  From the Caucasus (zone 5).
Scutellaria shansiensis C.Y. Wu & H.W. Li, 1977 REF

Scutellaria shikokiana Makino REF White flowers 7 to 8 mm long in terminal spikes, 5 to 15 cm long from slender angled branched rhizomes,  Leaves broadly ovate deltoid 20 to 30 mm long by 15 to 25 mm wide, scattered hairy and few toothed on 15 to 20 mm long petioles.  Calyx with long spreading hairs.  July-August in Japan.

Scutellaria shweliensis W.W. Sm., 1917 REF

Scutellaria sibthorpii Dark crimson flowers, 12 to 50 cm tall, erect or spreading perennial with stems arising from a woody base, blooms April-May at sea level to 600 meters elevation on rocky calcareous hillsides, sometimes in coastal garigue.  Endemic of Cyprus and common on the Northern range.

Scutellaria sichourensis C.Y. Wu & H.W. Li, 1977 REF
Scutellaria sieberi Benth. REF

Scutellaria sieversii Bunge, 1830 (Scutellaria alberti, Scutellaria catharinae, Scutellaria krylovii, Scutellaria soongorica, Scutellaria soongorica var. grandiflora, Scutellaria transiliensis) REF

Scutellaria simplex Migo, 1937 (Scutellaria laeteviolacea) REF

Scutellaria siphocampyloides Vatke, 1872 REF Violet blue flowers 24 to 35 mm long, lower lip white patched, mottled or not, inner surface long hairy;  20 to 55 cm tall spreading by slender rhizomes, appressed ascending hairs on all plant parts, often gland tipped.  Flowers borne above the middle of the plant on pedicels 3 to 5 mm long.  Leaves oblong to elliptical 20 to 30 mm long by 5 to 10 mm wide with smooth margins, tips rounded, basal petioles 10-20 mm long.  Pedicels 4-5.5 mm, calyx 3-4 mm; ridged.   Seeds black, verrucose and obscurely banded.  Found near open sites, seeps,  moist stream banks and drying stream beds, shrubland woodland.  Glabrous version considered to be synonymous with S. austinae.  Native to California.  This species can become invasive in some gardens so caution is advised.

Scutellaria soongorica Juz., 1954 (Scutellaria sieversii) REF
Scutellaria soongorica var. grandiflora C.Y. Wu & H.W. Li, 1977 (Scutellaria sieversii) REF
Scutellaria soongorica var. soongorica REF
Scutellaria sosnovskyi Takht. (Scutellaria orientalis ssp. sosnovskyi) REF

Scutellaria speciosa Epling, 1936 (Scutellaria aurata) REF Upward flaring scarlet flowers 27 to 32 mm long on 5 to 10 cm racemes, 30 to 50 cm tall from multi stemmed root, stems hairy and glandular (densely so in the upper parts). Leaves ovate, 8 to 10 cm long by 4 to 5.5 cm wide, rounded base and blunt tip, margins sinuate dentate, upper surface dark green and underside paler with scattered (mostly vein) hairs on both sides, petioles 2.5 to 6 cm long.  Peru.

Scutellaria spectabilis Pax & K. Hoffm. ex Limpr., 1922 REF
Scutellaria spinescens Fernald, 1910 REF

Scutellaria splendens Link ex Klotzsch & Otto, 1841 REF Rose and blue flowers 21 to 25 mm long on 15 to 30 cm racemes, overall less than 1 meter tall, stems densely hairy (short, long and glandular hairs).   Leaves thin, cordate, 4 to 11 cm long, margins irregularly crenulate serrate, both surfaces with long hairs, petioles 2 to 5 cm long.  Mexico, Vera Cruz.

Scutellaria sporadum Bothmer REF
Scutellaria squarrosa Nevski REF

Scutellaria stachyoides Epling, 1939 REF Blue violet mottled flowers 15 to 22 mm long, 30 cm tall spreading by short rhizomes with stems and leaves covered with rigid hairs reaching 1.5 mm long.  Has ovate leaves 12 to 15 mm long with convex crenate edges on short petioles 1 to 2 mm long.  Flowers borne in the axils of smaller leaves near the top of the plant.  Northwestern Mexico.

Scutellaria stachys L. REF
Scutellaria stenosiphon Hemsl., 1890 REF
Scutellaria stevenii Juz. (Scutellaria orientalis ssp. stevenii) REF
Scutellaria striatella Gontsch. REF

Scutellaria strigillosa Hemsl., 1890 (Scutellaria schmidtii, Scutellaria scordifolia var. hirta, Scutellaria taquetii) REF Blue purple flowers 22 mm long, slender rhizome creeping stems 10 to 40 cm long, 4-angled and hairy.  Leaves elliptic to oblong 15 to 35 mm long by 10 to 15 mm wide and hairy on short petioles 1 to 4 mm long.  Blooms July-August on sandy seashore areas in Japan.

Scutellaria strigillosa var. yezoensis (Kudo) Kitam. (Scutellaria yezoensis) REF Stems softer and more glabrous with leaves ovate to narrowly ovate with blunted tips.  Found in wet places.

Scutellaria subalbida Klok. (Scutellaria albida) REF
Scutellaria subcaespitosa Pavl. REF
Scutellaria subcordata Juz. REF
Scutellaria subintegra C.Y. Wu & H.W. Li, 1977 REF
Scutellaria subsessilis Epling REF

Scutellaria suffrutescens (also 'Texas Rose') S. Watson, 1890 REF Violet rose red flowers 23 to 26 mm long, low twiggy shrub 15 to 30 cm tall, sparsely hairy.  Leaves oval 8 to 12 mm long, rounded tips, slightly clothed in hairs like stems on short petioles 1 to 2 mm long.  Seeds black and granular.  Northeast corner of Mexico.  Zone 7 to 9, mostly sunny to full sun.  This species is sensitive to pruning but you may need to prune out dead twiggy stems in the spring if planted in Zone 7 climates.

Scutellaria supina L., 1753 (Scutellaria alpina ssp. supina, Scutellaria irregularis, Scutellaria oxyphylla, Scutellaria tschimganica) REF  Soft lemon yellow flowers, hood (upper flower lip) brushed with a pair of medium to large pale purple blotches, 25 cm tall with a 40 cm spread.  Dark gray green foliage.  Woody based sub shrub that tolerates pruning.

Scutellaria supina var. alba  Bright white flower form of above species with same pair of pale purple blotches on the upper flower lip and almost the same size plant growth.

Scutellaria taiwanensis S.S. Ying, 1991; C.Y. Wu, 1977 REF1-REF2
Scutellaria talassica Juz. REF
Scutellaria tapintzensis C.Y. Wu & H.W. Li, 1977 REF
Scutellaria taquetii H. Lév. & Vaniot, 1910 (Scutellaria strigillosa) REF
Scutellaria tarokoensis T. Yamaz., 1992 REF
Scutellaria tashiroi Hayata, 1919 (Scutellaria tashiroi var. tomentosa) REF
Scutellaria tashiroi var. haianshanensis T. Yamaz., 1992 REF
Scutellaria tashiroi var. playfairi (Kudô) T. Yamaz., 1969 (Scutellaria playfairi) REF
Scutellaria tashiroi var. tomentosa (Ohwi) T. Yamaz., 1969 (Scutellaria procumbens var. tomentosa) REF
Scutellaria tatianae Juz. (Scutellaria orientalis ssp. tatianae) REF
Scutellaria taubertiana Loes. REF

Scutellaria taurica Juz. (Scutellaria orientalis ssp. taurica) REF  Flowers with a peach toned upper lip and creamy yellow colored lower lip.  Foliage is similar to Scutellaria alpina with slightly more compact growth.  Usually blooms 2 or 3 times each season if flowering stems are removed.  This species will easily hybridize with many other Scutellaria species which have similar small fuzzy, dusty blue colored seeds.

Scutellaria tayloriana Dunn, 1913 (Scutellaria tayloriana var. polytricha) REF
Scutellaria tayloriana var. polytricha Hand.-Mazz., 1936 (Scutellaria tayloriana) REF
Scutellaria tenax W.W. Sm., 1920 REF
Scutellaria tenax var. patentipilosa (Hand.-Mazz.) C.Y. Wu, 1977 (Scutellaria veronicifolia var. patentipilosa) REF
Scutellaria tenax var. tenax  REF
Scutellaria tenera C.Y. Wu & H.W. Li, 1977 REF
Scutellaria teniana Hand.-Mazz., 1939 (Scutellaria indica var. ambigua) REF
Scutellaria tenuiflora C.Y. Wu, 1977 REF

Scutellaria tenuipetiolata A. Pool, 1998 REF White tubular flowers with blue purple lips 14 to 16 mm long with 2 clefts on the upper lip, appearing on short racemes 4 to 5 cm long, plant overall less than 50 cm tall and found in wet soils.  Leaves ovate, bluntly acute at the tip, shallowly cordate at the base and 3.5 to 5.6 cm long by 2 to 4 cm wide with crenulate edges.  Leaf surfaces only slightly hairy with coarse short hairs.  Brown seeds nearly smooth.  Costa Rica.  Amy Poole has an article about this relatively new species in the recent journal of Novon (Volume 8, number 1, pg. 62-66, 1998).  Detailed information, location sites and drawings are available in the publication.

Scutellaria tesselata Epling, 1939 REF Violet flowers 13 to 19 mm long, 31 to 51 cm tall, blooms August-October on rocky slopes and in canyons.  Stems grow from a woody base with coarse hairs on the stem curled downward.  The leaf blades are ovate, blunt, and the middle ones 13 to 25 mm long by 6 to 17 mm broad on petioles up to 6 mm long, but are not toothed.  Closely related to S. resinosa and S. wrightii but with a taller and more diffuse habit, coarser pubescence, distinctly petioled ovate leaf and hairy flower tube.  Seeds fuscous and mosaic textured.  Southern New Mexico, Arizona and northern Mexico..

Scutellaria theobromina Rech. f., 1982 REF
Scutellaria thiertii Shinners, 1964 REF Threatened species in Louisiana.
Scutellaria tibetica C.Y. Wu & H.W. Li, 1977 (Scutellaria kingiana) REF
Scutellaria tienchueanensis C.Y. Wu & C. Chen, 1977 REF
Scutellaria titovii Juz. REF
Scutellaria toguztoraviensis Juz. REF

Scutellaria tomentosa (Benth.) Epling, 1936 REF Hairy magenta or yellow tinted flowers 8 to 12 mm long, shrub type plant about 1 meter tall with marginate branches which are fuzzy/hairy in the uppermost parts, average internodes 1 to 3 cm.  Leaves 10 to 30 mm long by 7 to 21 mm wide, broadly ovate with rounded base and tip except in the uppermost leaves where the tip is more pointed, crenate serrate margins except uppermost leaves with nearly smooth margins, hairy leaf surfaces and densely fuzzy on the underside, fuzzy petioles 2 to 5 mm long.  Seeds acutely papillose.  Peru.

Scutellaria tournefortii Benth. REF  Prostrate spreading growth.  Flowers consist of an upper reddish purple lip and a light sandstone yellow cream colored lower lip. Found in the Caucasus region of Europe (zone 4).  This species has variable corolla coloration when grown from seed of cultivated plants.  Best authentic color is usually best achieved from wild collected seed sources.  This species hybridizes easily with other similar prostrate leaf species, resulting in unpredictable corolla colors.

Scutellaria transiliensis Juz., 1951 (Scutellaria sieversii) REF
Scutellaria transitra Makino, 1904 (Scutellaria pekinensis var. transitra) REF
Scutellaria transitra var. ussuriensis (Regel) H. Hara, 1937 (Scutellaria japonica var. ussuriensis) REF

Scutellaria trianae Planchon & Linden; Planch. & Linden, 1856 (Scutellaria incarnata) REF1-REF2 Red to purple flowers 18 to 20 mm long on 15 to 20 cm racemes, 50 to 60 cm tall on ash colored hairy stems in the upper parts.  Leaves broad ovate 3 to 6 cm long by 1.5 to 3 cm wide, tapering sharp tip and rounded at the base, margins convex and dentate serrate, mostly glabrous upper surface dark green and underside ash colored, slender petioles 8 to 20 mm long.  Colombia

Scutellaria trinervata Vaniot, 1904 (Scutellaria obtusifolia var. trinervata) REF
Scutellaria tschimganica Juz., 1954 (Scutellaria supina) REF
Scutellaria tsinyunensis C. Y. Wu & S. Chow, 1977 (Scutellaria yunnanensis var. subsessilifolia) REF
Scutellaria tuberifera C.Y. Wu & C. Chen, 1977 REF

Scutellaria tuberosa Benth., 1834 REF Blue flowers 12 to 21 mm long, 5 to 21 cm tall from creeping tuberous rhizomes, blooms April-May on dry coastal slopes.  The stems are often sticky and hairy, branched at the base.  The hairy leaves have ovate blades 13 to 25 mm long, coarsely dentate on short petioles.  Flowers are solitary in the axils and borne on pedicels 2 to 3 mm long.  Seeds black and coarsely toothed (not banded like californica or bolanderi).  Two sub species differ mainly in the pubescence below the inside middle area of the corolla (subsps. similis being smooth and subsps. australis being hairy).  Southern California and Baja California and northward into southern Oregon and Sierra Nevada.

Scutellaria tuberosa ssp. australis Epling REF
Scutellaria tuberosa var. similis Jeps. REF
Scutellaria tuberosa ssp. tuberosa REF
Scutellaria tuberosa var. tuberosa REF

Scutellaria tubiflora Benth. REF Violet flowers 15 to 23 mm long, 20 to 40 cm tall from base branched stems with short spreading hairs.  Leaves ovate to heart shaped 25 to 35 mm long, margins convex sinuate dentate, surfaces lightly sprinkled with hairs, the veins more hairy.  Southeast Brazil

Scutellaria tuminensis Nakai, 1921 REF
Scutellaria turgaica Juz. (Scutellaria karkaralensis) REF
Scutellaria tuvensis Juz. (Scutellaria grandiflora) REF

Scutellaria uliginosae A. St.-Hil. ex Benth., 1834  REF Pale blue flowers 13 to 15 mm long on 5 to 12 cm racemes, 30 to 50 cm tall on stems with small spreading hairs.  Leaves 4 to 8 cm long, broadly ovate to heart shaped, sinuate dentate margins with mostly glabrous surfaces on petioles 10 to 25 mm long. Seeds black and acutely mammillate.  Brazil and Paraguay.

Scutellaria umbratilis Red to violet flowers 23 mm long on 2 to 4 cm racemes, 40 cm tall with upward curled dense hairs in the upper parts, also glandular.  Leaves ovate 4 to 7 cm long by 2.5 to 4 cm wide, rounded base with briefly tapering tip, margins slightly convex, sinuate to serrate, surfaces sparsely hairy with curved hairs along veins, petioles 1 to 2 cm long.  Colombia.

Scutellaria urticifolia Juz. & Vved., 1954; C.Y. Wu & H.W. Li, 1977 (Scutellaria yangbiensis) REF1-REF2
Scutellaria ussuriensis (Regel) Kudô, 1916 REF
Scutellaria ussuriensis fo. humilis Kudô, 1929 (Scutellaria laeteviolacea) REF
Scutellaria ussuriensis var. transitra (Makino) Nakai, 1921 (Scutellaria pekinensis var. transitra) REF
Scutellaria ussuriensis var. typica Nakai (Scutellaria pekinensis var. ussuriensis) REF
Scutellaria vacillans Rech. f. REF

Scutellaria valdiviana (Clos) Epling REF Red violet flowers 15 mm long, sprawling shrub about 1 meter tall with slender branches clothed in short spreading ash colored hairs, internodes at 2 to 5 cm.  Leaves leathery, rounded to cordate, 20 to 40 mm in diameter, margins smooth to finely toothed, upper surface glabrous and lower surface evenly covered with soft hairs, petioles 2 to 3 mm long.  Chile.

Scutellaria vaniotiana H. Lév. ex Dunn, 1915 (Scutellaria obtusifolia var. trinervata) REF
Scutellaria velenovskyi Rech. f. (Scutellaria albida ssp. velenovskyi?) REF
Scutellaria velutina Juz. & Vved. REF

Scutellaria ventenatii Hook., 1846 (Scutellaria incarnata) REF Red flowers 18 to 20 mm long and often appearing with blue lower lip on 10 to 25 cm racemes, up to 1 meter tall, branching ash colored stems in the upper parts with short spreading hairs which are sometimes purple.  Leaves broadly ovate 4 to 8 cm long by 3.5 to 6 cm wide with rounded tip and base, margins convex and smooth near the base, soft short hairs and sessile pellucid glands on upper surface and longer hairs on the underside, petioles 10 to 35 mm long.  Seeds black and tubercular.  Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela.  Also introduced into the West Indies.

Scutellaria verecunda Violet flowers 12 to 15 mm long, 20 to 40 cm tall from slender branching stems covered with small spreading hairs.  Leaves rounded ovate 12 to 25 mm long by 10 to 23 mm wide and blunt tip with rounded base, margins rather convex and mostly smooth.  Glabrous surfaces with a few intermittent hairs, petioles 5 to 12 mm long.  Seeds black and verrucose.  Colombia.

Scutellaria verna Besser REF
Scutellaria veronicifolia H. Lév., 1916 REF
Scutellaria veronicifolia var. patentipilosa Hand.-Mazz., 1939 (Scutellaria veronicifolia var. patentipilosa) REF
Scutellaria versicolor Nutt., 1818 (Scutellaria ovata var. versicolor) REF
Scutellaria versicolor var. bracteata Benth., 1836 REF
Scutellaria versicolor var. minor Chapm., 1860 REF
Scutellaria viarum A. Heller, 1904 REF
Scutellaria villosa Hook., 1854 (Scutellaria hookeri) REF
Scutellaria villosissima Gontsch. ex Juz. REF
Scutellaria violacea Heyne ex Benth. in Wall., 1830 REF
Scutellaria violacea var. hispidior Hook. f. REF
Scutellaria violacea var. sikkimensis Hook. f., 1885 (Scutellaria coleifolia) REF
Scutellaria violacea var. violacea REF
Scutellaria violascens Gürke, 1901 REF
Scutellaria virgulata A. Nelson, 1893 REF
Scutellaria viscidula Bunge, 1833 REF

Scutellaria vitifolia Brandegee, 1924 REF White tube violet hooded flowers 22 to 33 mm long on 5 cm racemes, 25 to 30 cm tall, stems covered with small downward curved hairs near the base progressing to a mixture of varied length hairs further up.  Leaves rounded cordate 7 to 8 cm long on 3 to 5 cm petioles.  Margins irregularly dentate and surfaces sparsely hairy.  Guatemala

Scutellaria volubilis Kunth, 1818 (Scutellaria cumanensis) REF Scarlet flowers 15 to 18 mm long, shrub type plant about 1 meter tall, stems branched and covered with spreading hairs, internodes every 2 to 5 cm.  Leaves 15 to 30 mm long, rounded ovate, margins crenate, upper surface mostly glabrous while underside is quite hairy and paler in color.  Seeds papillate.  Peru and Ecuador.

Scutellaria weishanensis C.Y. Wu & H.W. Li, 1977 REF
Scutellaria wenshanensisC.Y. Wu & H.W. Li REF
Scutellaria wongkei Dunn REF
Scutellaria wightiana Benth. REF
Scutellaria woronowii Juz. REF

Scutellaria wrightii A. Gray, 1872 IM-REF Deep violet blue flowers are 12 to 23 mm long with paired broad white anthers that create a white striped appearance, 15 to 25 cm tall with a 32 cm spread arising from a woody multi branched crown with early blooming shrubby habit.  Flowers intermittently after March if kept sufficiently watered.  Resinous sessile and capitate glands on most plant parts.  Seeds black, evenly and closely tubercular.  Evergreen in moist, zone 7a or warmer areas with small rounded green leaves.  Requires good drainage, mostly sunny location and slightly alkaline soil.  Native to southern Oklahoma and southwest Texas.

Scutellaria wulingshanensis Nakai & Kitag., 1934 (Scutellaria scordifolia var. wulingshanensis) REF
Scutellaria X minkwitziae Juz. REF
Scutelaria xanthosiphon Juz. REF
Scutellaria yangbiensis H.W. Li, 1993 (Scutellaria urticifolia) REF
Scutellaria yezoensis Kudo (Scutellaria strigillosa var. yezoensis) REF
Scutelleria yingtakensis Sun ex C. H. Hu, 1966 REF
Scutellaria yunnanensis H. Lév., 1911 REF
Scutellaria yunnanensis var. cuneata C.Y. Wu & W.T. Wang, 1977 REF
Scutellaria yunnanensis var. salicifolia Sun ex C. H. Hu, 1966 REF
Scutellaria yunnanensis var. subsessilifolia Sun ex C. H. Hu, 1966 (Scutellaria tsinyunensis) REF
Scutellaria yunnanensis var. yunnanensis REF

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