Scutellaria Species  

 Scutellaria Suffrutescens

This Scutellaria Species web site is an information reference for the genus Scutellaria, a member of the Mint Family.  Scutellaria are square stemmed herbaceous plants that generally lack any significant aroma or fragrance but have very favorable visual qualities.  Many Scutellaria species are well suited for Rock Gardens and are grown mainly for their ornamental flowers, foliage and seedpods (calyxes).  Flowers are tubular shaped and flare outward forming a snapdragon like lower lip and hooded type upper lip.  The seed pods are easily recognized by their hooded helmet shape and can be very decorative on some species even after the flowers have bloomed.  Many of these species are quite rare and choice plants for the serious alpine flower botanist and those interested in rock gardening. 

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